Commiphora habessinica [myrrh 没药树]

Commiphora habessinica, sometimes known as Abyssinian myrrh or the Yemen myrrh. It is dioecious, with bark peeling of flaking and when cut it oozes a pleasant smelling resin.[6] The leaves alternate or are fascicled on short condensed side shoots.The resin, also called myrrh of Commiphora habessinica, was used in traditional medicine in Arabia. A small quantity would be painted over the body area to be treated.

Commiphora habessinica need well draining soil a lots of sunlight. They are not particular about soil pH, but they cannot tolerant wet soil. Water whenever the soil is dry several inches below the surface. Water deeply, but don’t let them sit in wet soil, which can cause root rot.

Commiphora habessinica有时称为阿比西尼亚没药或者也门没药。没药树是雌雄异体,和吠剥落的薄片,切成薄片时会散发出令人愉悦的气味树脂。叶子交替或簇生在短的侧枝上。没药树黄白色的油状汁液干了之后会变成红色没药,在东方是一种活血、化瘀、止痛、健胃的药材。在西方,没药是一种据说有神奇疗效的药物。希伯来人将没药树枝制作成各种芳香剂、防腐剂和止痛剂。旧约时期,常被做成油膏,涂抹在伤口,促进伤口愈合。

Commiphora habessinica 需要排水良好的土壤和充足的阳光。它们对土壤酸碱度不挑剔,但不能耐受潮湿的土壤。每当土壤在表面以下几英寸干燥时浇水。深浇水,但不要让它们坐在潮湿的土壤中,这会导致根腐病。


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– At least 4-6 hours or bright light every day.
– Morning and evening sun is better for them.
– Place under the shade to avoid hot sun.
– Put them at window side if plant indoor.
– Use a toothpick to check is the soil wet or dry.
– Only water when the soil is dry.
– Water to the soil directly or soak the flower pot with plant into the water for 20 min.
– Use fast-draining succulent and cactus mix.

Plant size is based on the diameter of the flower pot (5cm, 8.5cm, 10.5cm, 12cm and etc), not the plant itself. Plants may be slightly larger or smaller than the pot. While we do our best to ship plants as similar to those pictured as possible, please keep in mind that all plants are unique from one to the next, and display color, shape, and growth variation based on the current environment, and other contributing factors. Please note that we ship our plants as dry as possible to prevent root rot, they will plump back up after planting!

All succulents and cactus plants are sent bare roots. (Without pot and soil)

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