Adenia globosa 球腺蔓




Adenia Globosa has a huge warty tuber, the surface is green and easy to lignify, the diameter is up to 2.5 meters, and it looks like a huge green stone. Its roots contain a lot of water, so plants can continue to grow even when the air is hot and the conditions are very dry. The branches of the ball gland can be up to 8 meters long, and the branches can be climbed and hung. The flowers are 5-lobed, yellow-green, and are dioecious. The fruit is green, like an oval capsule, more than 3 cm in length.

Adenia Globosa needs sufficient light, put them in a place with sufficient light, pay attention to drainage, and avoid long-term accumulation of water and rotten roots. When the room is dark or overcast and rainy, it can be placed under plant light to fill up the light. The growth is very slow, but by providing enough water, warmth and fertilizer during the growing season, its growth rate can be increased to a certain extent.

Use succulent soil, prefer loose, fertile, well-drained, and air-permeable soil. Use succulent soil or mix peat moss and perlite=1:1 can be selected, and an appropriate amount of general-purpose granular fertilizer needs to be added.


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– At least 4-6 hours or bright light every day.
– Morning and evening sun is better for them.
– Place under the shade to avoid hot sun.
– Put them at window side if plant indoor.
– Use a toothpick to check is the soil wet or dry.
– Only water when the soil is dry.
– Water to the soil directly or soak the flower pot with plant into the water for 20 min.
– Use fast-draining succulent and cactus mix.

Plant size is based on the diameter of the flower pot (5cm, 8.5cm, 10.5cm, 12cm and etc), not the plant itself. Plants may be slightly larger or smaller than the pot. While we do our best to ship plants as similar to those pictured as possible, please keep in mind that all plants are unique from one to the next, and display color, shape, and growth variation based on the current environment, and other contributing factors. Please note that we ship our plants as dry as possible to prevent root rot, they will plump back up after planting!

All succulents and cactus plants are sent bare roots. (Without pot and soil)

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