The majority of the business premises have already back in business, you can now choose to receive the parcel under home or office address.

If you found your location lockdown, please contact the courier service immediately to reroute the delivery. To avoid the plants staying inside the box for many days, we will implement the following delivery schedule:

For West Malaysia:
The delivery will take 2 – 4 working days. If the order has live plant, we will only send the parcel every Monday and Tuesday. If the order doesn’t contain live plant, we will send the parcel every Monday to Thursday.

For East Malaysia:
Due to the unstable flight schedule, the delivery will take 10 – 20 working days. Therefore, we do not hold responsible for live plant damaged or death during the delivery. Buyer should take their own risk for ordering live plants.

Online shopping operating as usual.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at