Dirt, compost and manure aren’t the most appealing materials to have in your home. Though you would love to see a greener setting around your living space, the idea of having soil in the pot on your balcony might be holding you back. Is it possible to skip the dirt and still be able to grow some beautiful succulents in your home or office? 

When speaking of no-mess gardening, soil-free sponge is the ultimate solution. Plants don’t need soil to grow. They need nutrients, air and water from the soil, and if all of those essentials can be provided through another medium, plants wouldn’t know the difference. 

What Is The Soil-Free Sponge?

Specially designed for growing succulents and cactus, our soil-free sponge is the best alternative for traditional potting soil. It is braced with vermiculite and maifan stone to complement succulent and cactus growth.

Vermiculite improves aeration, helps the roots absorb nutrients, soaks up excess moisture and holds the structure of the growing medium for improved durability. Maifan stone, on the other hand, is rich in minerals and trace elements, offers good drainage, holds the growing medium in place and promotes healthy development of the roots. 

Overall, the soil-free sponge provides a breathable and nutritious bed for your succulents. 

Benefits Of Using Soil-Free Sponge To Grow Succulents

You might still be wondering why you’d want to use a sponge over regular soil? What does a sponge offer that soil does not? Here are some key benefits to know before you try out sponge-growing. 

  • Simply the idea of having dirt in the house makes plants a big NO for many. If you don’t want soil in the house or your mom disapproves, sponge is the cleanest, dirt-free, smell-free alternative to grow plants. 
  • Watering succulents with soil is even more messy. You’ll need to place a saucer underneath the pot to catch the excess water if you don’t want a muddy puddle on the base of the pot. Watering the sponge is much cleaner comparatively. 
  • Soil attracts pests in the house. With soil-free sponge, you can enjoy a greener  landscape without the bugs.  
  • Soil-borne diseases are a major problem with many plants. By eliminating soil from the recipe, the chances of diseases like root rot, and black rot are much lower. 
  • The material holds shape well and is durable so you can have a longer growing experience.
  • The sponge makes it easier to plant and maintain succulents. 
  • It makes a beautiful, low-maintenance gift for friends and family. 

Basics Of Caring For Soil-Free Succulent

Caring for your soil-free succulent is as simple as it gets. After you’ve planted the succulent by pushing the roots inside the opening in the center of one side of the cube and securing it in place with rubber bands, there isn’t much to it. 

Since the sponge cubes already have all the necessary nutrients in them, no supplement fertilization is necessary. All you’ll need to do is water every once in a while, whenever the sponge feels dry to touch. 

Keep the sponge in a container to avoid spilling water on the table. An ordinary plastic or ceramic bowl will work just fine. Take a container that’s slightly larger in size than the cube itself to leave some space for watering. Also, the sides of the container should be high enough to prevent any water that leaks out from the sponge from spilling into the surroundings. 

There are two ways you can water your succulents. Choose the method that suits you best:

  • Water the sponge directly until it is completely soaked. 

  • Pour water into the container in which you’re keeping the soil cube, making sure the sponge gets completely soaked in water. 


That’s all there is to grow soil-free succulents! It’s easier than growing with soil and a wonderful experience for amateur gardeners. Order your soil cube now and embark on a mess-free, dirt-free and hassle-free gardening expedition!